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Successful businesses today thrive by:
  • Managing and dealing with change
  • Inspiring employees with a shared vision
  • Building consensus and mutual accountability
  • Leading and influencing a multi-generational workforce
Are you doing what you need to succeed?

DOOR 3 offers one on one and team coaching programs that uncover the internal, emotional narratives that block us from reaching our full potential.


DOOR 3 offers an updated, fun experiential training curriculum that supports the skills, attitudes and behaviors to fuel success in today’s business environment.


DOOR 3 offers guidance during key periods of organizational transition; corporate mergers & acquisitions, retirements and new hire onboarding.

Constant and rapid changes overload us by creating toxic work environments. DOOR 3 programs help to spark and solidify the trust, collaboration and camaraderie that promote productive and positive workplaces that drive revenue and relationships.

What if you could open the door to a
dramatic increase in your company’s productivity, sales and revenue
while creating a positive, creative and collaborative workplace?
Work with Door 3
What People Are Saying

Maryellen offers that delicate balance between making her clients feel comfortable and at ease while at the same time skillfully pushing them outside their comfort zone.

Wendy Elover, Loan Officer | Academy Mortgage Corporation

Maryellen has an uncanny ability to get you “in your head” and identify and shift those personal triggers, behaviors, and qualities that are holding you back. I can’t recommend Maryellen enough to any business owner, executive, or individual at large who seeks to genuinely improve team and company dynamics, processes and sales results.

Tyler Kuznia, Risk Management Advisor | ROSE & KIERNAN INC.

Working with Maryellen has been one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had in my career. I have seen a dramatic increase in my results which I have her to thank for.

Tom Brewer, Financial Consultant | MAY, BONEE & CLARK

With this increase in self-awareness and empathy toward each other we were able to increase ticket revenue 25% over our annual goal with no increase in sales staff. I strongly recommend Maryellen to any organization looking for first-class training and team coaching.

Will Huff, Deputy Athletic Director | TOWSON UNIVERSITY

Maryellen is one of the most professional and talented coaches I have ever encountered in the insurance industry. The passion she has for helping others grow, while continually challenging herself, is truly amazing.


To take a seasoned producer who has reached a “ceiling” of some sort and have them “coached through it” is amazing to watch and very healthful. A new attitude, perspective, lease on life-that is what has the potential to occur in these situations or did in ours.

Walter Smith, State President | MCGRIFF INSURANCE SERVICES