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Meet Maryellen

Maryellen May CPCC, CTPC, JST-ADHD, Narrative Coach

As founder of DOOR 3 Coaching, Maryellen is a creative thought leader, coach and trainer. She uses emotional intelligence and coaching tools to customize sales training, leadership and executive team development. Her passion lies in partnering with companies to initiate inspiring, revenue-driving results through conscious, intentionally designed and meaningful conversations.

Maryellen brings more than 30 years of experience working in the Insurance and Financial Services industry. As Executive Training Director at the Hartford School of Insurance, she created and was lead coach for the school’s first, in-house sales coaching and training program for new and experienced producers. She is a certified coach specializing in Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, ADHD/The Creative Mind, Team Dynamics and the Narrative Way. Her unique combination of hands-on industry experience and extensive coach training sets her apart as a leader in the industry where she’s helped hundreds of business owners, sales managers and sales professionals countrywide. The DOOR 3 programs offer a boutique training and coaching experience, customized to spark and sustain high performance. The process is eye-opening, transformational and incredibly impactful.

What is behind the name DOOR 3?

A multi-generational workplace, relentless changes in technology and soaring customer expectations put tremendous pressure on even the most talented professionals. The “old school” way of managing and selling aren’t cutting it any longer. Ironically, as well-meaning leaders “push harder” in response, they are creating “fear based” cultures that lead to burnout, disengagement and complacency.

Too many leaders accept a false choice between establishing a “nice” culture or a “driven” culture without realizing there is a third way. This “third” way presents a shift in culture that:

  • Offers a safe environment for candor, risk-taking and learning
  • Views conflict as “creative tension” that drives collaboration, mutual respect and connection
  • Attracts and retains the top-tier creative and motivated talent

Door 3 Clients Will Walk Away With:

Improved Performance

Improved performance levels, interpersonal skills and greater agility in leading and managing change.

Sales Process

A proven sales process that is brain-based and relationship driven, supported through emotional intelligence training.

Team Culture

A team culture based on clear, direct, meaningful communication generating higher revenue, and boosting morale with an inspired, results-focused culture.