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Door 3 Process

The DOOR 3 process offers an initial 2-hour discovery session to review and customize a program that best fits the client’s situation and your definition of success. Each program, whether you choose a workshop, coaching engagement or team offering, follows a powerful four-step process:


Step 1: Recognize- Notice and uncover the current patterns that have you working “stuck” in a subpar system. Learn where accepting “fine” keeps you from “incredibly awesome.”


Step 2: Relate- Understand your “internal talk track” – those unconscious emotional triggers and stories that affect what’s working, what’s not and where even minor shifts in mindset can significantly enhance performance.


Step 3: Redesign- Adjust communication patterns, tear down the walls, create new patterns, and take intelligent risks to learn and grow through working with a trained coach.


Step 4: Review- Cross the threshold into new mindsets, higher levels of confidence and resiliency, greater understanding and more mindful and intentional connection while always staying open for change. The result: you’ll feel, see and live positive change.