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Could COVID-19 Be A Wake-up Call?

Published: March 6, 2020

How are you waking up today?

Any chance, you, like me, are wondering how the spread of COVID-19 will impact your health, your business and your relationships?

Reading the morning headlines, its apparent that we are at the cusp of something that has the potential of literally shifting us from the chug of “business as usual” to “what’s next?”

After reading the many anxious and worrisome reactions from people online, I opened my Amazon account and found myself staring at a $20 dollar 30-pound bag of rice that could be at my door in less than 2 hours’ time. Just as I was about to hit the checkout button- I stopped myself. Am I being prudent? Am I overreacting? What is the most important thing for me to focus on right now?

What is it like to be in the middle of all this ambiguity?

In my work with leaders, we talk about the how constant change can breed uncertainty and how that can affect how we lead our teams. This virus is shining a bright light on how intertwined and integrated we are in this world. How we communicate, how we care for ourselves, how we care for each other, how we depend on each other are all being reviewed and questioned as the spread of this virus takes hold. It can be a time of "not knowing" which can bring with it angst, stress and uncertainty.

In my work with leadership teams, we spend a great amount of time understanding that leading in today’s world isn’t about having all the answers. These are the times where must "stifle our egos" to help promote the voices that are creative, intuitive and often held back for fear of being disruptive. Leaders take notice- this is a great opportunity for us to let others take the wheel so we can sit in the backseat and listen. Empathizing, noticing, looking for ideas and strategies from others- it’s a challenge, yet a must.

Fear can bring from it a sense of belonging and partnership that can shift into creativity, innovation and trust.

  • How is your company seeing 'work from home" as an option in dealing with what is to come? How will you redesign how your communicate to maintain trust during these times?
  • What are ways you can strengthen your customer relationships as you work together in navigating potential changes to your current business process? Is this a time to "check in" with your clients to see how they are faring?
  • Where does managing health and well-being fit into your business model? Is this a time to recognize how employee health is a concern and priority?

As you set up your conversations today with your teams, with your customers, with your family and friends- LISTEN TO YOUR PEOPLE with every inch of your being. Be curious about them and you.

What is the most important thing for us to hold onto to help weather the uncertainty of these times?

How can we see this situation as an opportunity to fully listen to others without judgement or bias as we support the changes that may come?


What are the conversations that you are having? Because this isn’t about fixing something. It is about being in the middle of something that we know nothing about. 

I am curious and eager to hear from you.

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