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Its 3:45 AM… Let’s Talk About What Is Happening

Published: April 1, 2020

Early this morning I heard my daughter walk by my bedroom door. It was 3:45 AM.


“Are you up?” I asked.


She wandered into my room and crawled into my bed. We both were wide awake. Sleep patterns have been odd these days.


“How are you with all this?” I asked.

Thus, began a conversation that many of us are having or are about to have.

It’s getting bad- how do you want to be as we get through this? What do you need from me? What is most important for us right now?

You know we are going to be OK.

Together we shared where we were, what we want to hold onto and some ideas on how we can set ourselves up to deal with what was coming. Questions were shared like: How can we redesign how to be together in this house for the next three months? How can we shift our work to help others deal with life right now? What will life and work be like for us?

My daughter had these incredibly creative ideas about helping her customers rebrand during this shift. I shared where my emotional intelligence training and team coaching is being called upon by leadership teams and suddenly my purpose is being seen in a new light. This is our time to band together, to be creative, to stretch and see new ways to be with eyes wide open.

Then we talked about what is going to be hard- people will lose jobs, people we know will get sick- we may get sick. We will take care of each other through this. We are going to be OK.

It wasn’t a fear-based conversation. It was a real conversation and it had us reaching out and sharing, side by side, in the dark. You see, we know this place; we have had tough things thrown at us in the past. This wasn’t a fear-based conversation. These are the conversations that strengthen and allow us to be in this place of uncertainty.


So why do I share this with you?

Because this isn’t just a family conversation. This is also a business conversation.

Welcome to humanity in business.

This is a time to connect with your leadership team- with your cohorts and with your customers. This is emotional. This is our rally cry:

  • No more talk about millennials being “entitled” as their talents will be so needed as businesses redesign how they communicate and set up work/life balance.
  • Women, who are so good at empathizing and multi-tasking will be taking on more leadership roles to help us navigate thru constant change.
  • Leaders will understand and work with vulnerability – because they will have to. It isn't about who knows the most or who has the most experience anymore. Its about who has an open mindset and is ready for change with arms wide open.

So don’t be afraid to have my 3:45 AM conversation today – with your partner, family, co-worker or team.

This is the beginning of a new way of communicating and connecting.

I am with you in this- reach out if you need direction on how to get this started.

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