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When Someone Asks, “How are you?” and You're Stumped

Published: June 18, 2020

This morning I attended my monthly networking meeting attended by a dedicated, caring and
professional group of business leaders who I adore.

As an introduction to all meetings, we check in by sharing our word of the week. Sharing helping us
describe where we are emotionally and how we see our week progressing with that word supporting
our efforts.

Often responses are inspirational and hopeful sharing stories of how each person is navigating the
turbulent waters of business under the new rules and guidelines of COVID. As I watched each person take their turn in each response. I felt perplexed.

What was my word?

I could not put a definite label to what I was feeling.

“Sadly pissed” was my first choice.
“Numb” was my second.
“Fine” would be a gutsy move since most of my cohorts realize that in my world fine reads more like a wall than a true answer.

When it came to my turn to share my word, I had no answer to share.
So, I opted out for exactly that.

“I have no word”

The truth is that sometimes there are no words to describe the emotions that you feel when things are messy and unsure. To be honest, it feels like I am standing in quicksand and the more I struggle to hold onto something to gain footing the more I feel like I am sinking deeper into it all.
Sure, I could have shared that exact feeling during the check-in except I was too exhausted to articulate it until I just thought of it in writing this article.

I probably should have passed on the ZOOM call today. Next time I will check in first with myself. I will give myself full permission to pass on situations that are not in line with my heart at that moment. Perhaps that is the lesson for today.

Take a moment to listen to your heart during these turbulent times and allow for the “sadly pissed”.
There can be freedom in just being with emotions without fixing, adjusting or hiding.

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